Thursday, October 25, 2007

Apple Insomnia Film Festival

for those of you who may have found rating our film difficult, this is apple's formal excuse:

Hello Insomniacs!

Here's an update on the progress of the public rating period:

- We started the week by making significant enhancements to the web servers to accommodate the amazing traffic that all of your films have generated. The Insomnia Gallery is now running at 110% and performance should no longer be an issue.

- A few of you have had trouble registering friends and family who are visiting the gallery and want to rate your film. We recognize that requiring an Apple ID and registering separately for voting in the gallery isn't the fastest process. However, it's important to have both of these steps to ensure that ratings are calculated fairly.

- Some of you have asked to change the description or thumbnail of your film. Unfortunately, this information is not something that can be changed.

- We've received a few questions about why the current rating of a film isn't visible. At this time we don't have any plans to make ratings visible because we have found in the past that this encourages a substantial amount of cheating. We are able to detect cheating but it takes extra time to correctly re-adjust a films score. The score of a film is not just a sum of the ratings and is based on multiple factors which allows a film's rank to change quickly. This also means that the most watched film may not necessarily be the winning film. Ratings of more stars carry more weight for a film's overall score.

- Remember that public rating lasts for another 17 days so now is the time to campaign on behalf of your teams film!

Good luck!

-Insomnia Team

So see if this helps you if you haven't been able to vote yet....

And I thank all of you who have already rated our video!

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