Sunday, October 21, 2007

Voting for "It's Mine!"

Hello one and all once again,

Apple has had some difficulty getting the site ready over the weekend so that people can rate the videos for the competition. There were something like 3,000 entries. I bring you all good news, ours is the best video of them all, but we need to prove that, and I need your help. A few of you have rated on Apple's site already, I give you my thanks. For those of you who are awaiting instructions here are your instructions:

First go to
If you want to watch it again click on the "launch in quicktime" button, there is supposed to be a thumbnail so that you can watch it in the browser, but Apple is silly and lost our .jpg file... I will deal with those fools later.

Second, rate our video, an Apple ID is required. So you must either log in/register or select a 4 star rating on the right then click on the arrow next to it which will force you to log in/register. It might be a bit buggy, I ran into some issues myself... but with luck you should be able to confirm your 4 star rating of our video "It's Mine!". Only a 4 star rating will suffice for a clear victory over the lesser videos. Anything less than a 4 star rating will put us in jeopardy, it is imperative that you all give our video a 4 star rating!

Thirdly, I mentioned earlier that some of you have already rated our film and gave thanks. I am grateful for that but the act of rating alone will not ensure a win. You must share this information with EVERYONE! I am normally not a promoter of forwarding e-mails, but this isn't a pass it on to 10 people or you'll wake up with warts kind of thing, this is a pass it on or I will personally find you and do horrible things to your beloved baseball card collection or other type of collection kind of thing! Yes, that was a threat, please don't follow up with lawyers, I was joking... or was I?

RIGHT! So this is what must be done! Thanks to you all!

Brad Olsen
Clairinski Productions
feel free to visit our website:

P.S. If you have already watched it and rated it on YouTube this means nothing in the grand scheme of things. Please follow the instructions listed above, thanks again!

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